Little Moon Acres Mixed Flock Chickens

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We are proud to offer straight run chicks and maturing pullets to our customers. We have a mixed flock of cold hardy birds that continue to have a heavy production history, even throughout the winter. Our birds have continued to withstand the test of time and the various seasons/elements that we face in New England. The eggs that our birds produce are strong, beautiful in color/bloom and are large/extra large in size. We make no guarantees on what color eggs birds will produce or what they will look like, but what we can guarantee is a hardy, docile bird that will provide for you and your family as the days pass each year. 

For more information on hatch dates and our sales policies, please see the paragraphs below. To get on our reservation list for chickens, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page. 

Our Mixed Flock Breeds Include:

. Buff Orpingtons 

. Silver Laced Wyandottes

. Red-Blue Laced Wyandottes

. Rhode Island Reds

. Buckeyes

. Speckled Sussex           

. Blue Cochins

. Partridge Cochins 

. Welsummers

. Barred Rocks

. Cuckoo Marans

. Light Brahmas 

. Black/White Polish

. Golden Laced Polish

. Black Jersey Giants 

. Black Australorps 

. Ameraucanas & Araucanas

. Rhode Island Whites

2022 Hatch Dates 

We will be hatching out straight run chicks six times this year. Interest and demand will determine how many eggs we will be putting in the incubator. Minimum purchase is six chicks. Please see our tentative schedule below. Contact us with what month you are interested in if you would like to purchase straight run chicks.

1. March: 

            Hatch Date: Saturday, March 19th 2022

            Take Home: Saturday, March 26th 2022

            Laying Date Estimate (Hens): Saturday, July 23rd 2022

2. April: 

            Hatch Date: Saturday, April 23rd 2022

            Take Home: Saturday, April 30th 2022

            Laying Date Estimate (Hens): Saturday, August 27th 2022


3. May: 

            Hatch Date: Saturday, May 21st 2022

            Take Home: Saturday, May 28th 2022

            Laying Date Estimate (Hens): Saturday, September 24th 2022

4. June:

            Hatch Date: Saturday, June 18th 2022

            Take Home: Saturday, June 25th 2022

            Laying Date Estimate (Hens):  Saturday, October 22nd 2022

5. July:

            Hatch Date: Saturday, July 16th 2022

            Take Home: Saturday, July 23rd 2022

            Laying Date Estimate (Hens): Saturday, November 19th 2022

6. August:

            Hatch Date: Saturday, August 20th 2022

            Take Home: Saturday, August 27th 2022

            Laying Date Estimate (Hens): Saturday, December 24th 2022

** Maturing Pullets will be available at 18 weeks of age in order for us to ensure the best possible chance of you receiving a pullet and not a juvenile rooster. Pullets in 2022 will be available starting Saturday, July 23rd 2022 through Saturday, December 24th 2022. 

Sales & Policies of Live Animals: Poultry

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