Dragonfly AV Nightshade 

D.O.B: 03/21/2018

Sire: TX Twin Creeks PKM Avatar *S *B

S: Piddlin Acres PV Pokemon *S

D: MCH Gay-Mor's JJU NonPareil 3*D EEEE 92

Dam: Dragonfly HLU Belladonna EEVV 89

S: Dragonfly HFX Hallucination 

D: Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger L'ily D* AR VEEE 90

Progeny in Herd:

My Post (71).jpg

Photo Credit: Joanne Karohl, Dragonfly Farm

This one was an impulse purchase as every best goat owner does eventually! If you see something you like, don't let the chance go past you... although we are already joking that we should name a doe from her "Sight Unseen!" Nightshade brings in Avatar, which is something I have been dying to add into my herd for the last several years. A huge bonus to this is having Here For The Party and NonPareil so closely related to this lovely animal. Both her previous owner and myself are impressed with attachments on her udder. Looking forward to bringing her into the show ring in 2022 and throwing her on test.

** We didn't think she was going to be bred after being awfully dramatic about the act, but instead Shady decided that she is going to kill me this spring and is confirmed bred for April 2022 kids, at least 5 seen on Ultrasound.** 

My Post (71).jpg
Shady December 2021.png
My Post (71).jpg
My Post (71).jpg

Left: Shady's FF Udder, 3 YO August 2021

Middle: Shady's FF Udder, 3 YO December 2021

Right: Shady August 2021