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HLFM IB Vivian 

​D.O.B: 03/29/2021

Sire: ++*B Castle Rock Iceberg

S: ++ *B *S CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon 

D: GCH CRF Castle Rock Black Ice 2*M EEEE 92

Dam: GCH Sisters Three Jane 3*M EEEE 91

S: Fairlea Edmond Dantes 

D: Sisters Three Marceline 2*M

Progeny in Herd:


Photo Credit: Emily Kern, Hickory Lane Farm

After thorough evaluation and hard cuts made throughout the herd, I realized what genetics and styles would work well with my herd this year. In my promise to move forward in staying true to what works for the herd and what I like, I became strong in my ways. Little did I know an opportunity would come up so soon to add in something I have been wanting more of! Vivian comes from our good friends at HLFM. She is the third addition from HLFM into my herd and a great one at that! She was 16th place as a milking yearling at ADGA Nationals in Harrisburg this year and consistently placed in the top half of classes coming in at 1st in several local shows. Viv shows so much potential for growth and is a beautiful doe. She will be bred to HLFM WM Movin' Water this fall, who is the son of +*B TX Twincreeks RM Watermark, the 2021 ADGA National Show Premier Sire.  am looking forward to seeing what she does for my herd and cannot say enough nice things about her!


Left: Vivian's FF Udder . Right: Vivian, September 2022

Photo Credit: Emily Kern, Hickory Lane Farm

Vivian 2YO 2F

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