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Little Moon Acres C PSILOVEU 

D.O.B: 04-09-2022

Sire: Sunnydale Farm L Cornelius 

S: EBARB Sophia's Linus

D: Sunnydale Farm H Lily 

Dam: Little Moon Acres RN Brandy LA VVEV 86

S: Rebeka Acres MB Raise A Native

D: Mistyhighland Farm Moonshine

Show Wins 

2023: CTDGA Nutmeg Classic: 4/18 under judge Bob Bartholomew & 7/18 under judge Jeremy Lesniak

Progeny in Herd:

Little Moon Acres S Love Story

Little Moon Acres S Love Spell


* Click through slideshow for supporting photos *

2023: Lovey is a little different in style from the other goats that are in my herd and I honestly didn't have any idea or expectations of how she would do in the show ring. I took her to her first show this spring and don't regret it! She placed 4/18 and 7/18 in large, competitive classes. She has also since earned the nickname "Boxey" for her antics in the show ring. I can't wait to take her out more and I am excited to see how she does this summer!

2022: After I sold Brandy's doe from 2021 due to her being a better fit in a smaller herd, I decided that if Brandy was going to have two doe kids like she did, so be it, it's meant to be, and I am keeping one. I like to think that Lovey picked me out as her owner under the most fitting circumstances, and her name fits her personality quite well. Lovey looks much like her great grandmother, GCH Sunnydale Farm ZM Buttercup 3*M, being long in the body, strong in her rear legs and holding an overall, good general appearance. She brings in some new lines that I do not have in my heard including Ebarb and Sugar Moon. I hope she maintains her willingness as she ages, she makes us all smile every day!

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