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Little Moon Acres JH Pinot Noir 

​D.O.B: 04-23-2018

Blue Eyed

Sire: Kyeema Ridge John Henry 

S: Kyeema Ridge Banjo Patterson LA EEE-91

D: Old Mountain Farm Taryn Quinn LA EEVE-90

Dam: Little Moon Acres RN Brandy 

S: Rebeka Acres MB Raise A Native

D: MistyHighland Farm R Moonshine 

LA 2022: VEVV 88


We retained Noir out of Brandy in 2018 and there is not a single moment that I regret the decision, which lead us to retain another doe from Brandy in 2022 as she is aging. Noir is deep, has a phenomenal brisket, improved rump from her dam and holds excellent placement in her teats. Noir's second freshening udder has been a huge improvement from her first, which is something that I love to see. I was also able to have her LA'd this year and was pleasantly surprised when she scored the highest in the herd as a second freshener, VEVV 88. I am going to be super greedy and likely keep another doe from her this year, but we will see! I just adore her, and to boot, her mannerisms have improved on the milk stand and as now my biggest love bug.

* Noir kidded out this April to my surprise with ease and was very generous! She gave me a buck and 2 does, all blue eyed. Her buck went off to be a herdsire with a good friend, I retained Siren and then ultimately have retained Mystical until I can place her into a performance home. Noir's doe from last year did exceptionally well in her age group at the CTDGA Nutmeg Classic this May placing 3/17 in both rings and I am anticipating her kids this year doing the same. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Noir will be dry in 2023. We look forward to breeding her for 2024 kids. **

unnamed (1).jpg

Left & Middle: Noir's Second Freshening .  Right: Noir First Freshening 

Bottom L: 2YO Junior October 2020, Bottom R: 3YO FF July 2021


Left: Noir, 4YO 2F. August 2022

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