Little Moon Acres RN Brandy

D.O.B: 04-09-2015

Blue Eyed

LA 2021: VVEV 86

LA 2022: VVE+ 85

Sire: Rebeka Acres MB Raise A Native 
S: Phoenix Rising Mine That Bird +*B ST 2017
D: 5 Acres Farm Sweet Summer Emily  

Dam: MistyHighland Farm R Moonshine 
S: MistyHighland Farm R Redford 
D: MistyHighland Farm Destiny 

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We retained Brandy from a Moonshine kidding in 2015. Brandy has by far proven to be one of the strongest does in our herd. She stands very correct and shows lots of dairy character, especially depth of body. Her rump and brisket are something to talk about! Her udder shows larger capacity compared to her dam. Her teats are on the larger side for a Nigerian and are easily milkable. She kidded out with buck/doe twins in 2018, 2021 with quads, three does and a buck, then in 2022 with twin does. This doe knows her job now and does it well, wanting to be milked and is a pleasure on the stand both personality wise and with ease of milking. She is starting to be more like her grandmother as she ages, which makes me really happy. Brandy is a "lifer" here on the farm and we love her so much!

** Brandy kidded out with twin does, both blue eyes this spring! It was such a pleasant surprise to not only have a kidding with ease, but so much pink! We retained one doe and sold the other to a performance home. We will be breeding Brandy again in the fall to our new buck, HLFM GR Seattle Sunrise. **

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My Post (71).jpg

Left, Right: Brandy's 3F (L), 2F (R) Udder, 2022

Right: Brandy at Linear Appraisal, 2021 VVEV 86
I am so glad that we were able to get Brandy scored in 2021 after running into some issues with reading tattoos and microchip fun. It was an absolute shock to me when she scored a VVEV 86. She earned an E in body and was commended for perfect teat placement, two traits which she gets from her dam. Brandy is my first home grown doe and has blown me away this year as this was my first year taking her out, which makes this very special. I couldn't be any happier with how she has performed! 
2022: Brandy did not fill as much as I hoped, hence her score in mammary, however, she was consistent from last year's session which has made me happy! Her doe kids from this year are growing out great.

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Brandy's FF Udder
April 2018

Brandy's 2F Udder, approaching the end of lactation at 7 months
September 2021

Brandy as a FF, August 2018

One Day Test 07/25/2021:
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Butterfat: 5.4%
Protein: 4.1%

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