Little Moon Acres RN Piper 

D.O.B: 04-09-2015
Blue Eyed
LA 2021: +VV+ 85
Sire: Rebeka Acres Raise A Native 
S: Phoenix Rising Mine That Bird +B ST 2017
D: 5 Acres Farm Sweet Summer Emily 

Dam: MistyHighland Farm R Moonshine 
S: MistyHighland Farm R Redford 
D: MistyHighland Farm Destiny 

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Piper is the sister of Brandy and while the two are directly related, they both have their own traits which make them unique. Piper is more of an "Old Style" Nigerian, being a bit smaller in stature. Her udder is soft and easy to milk. She is now on her third freshening and I am the most impressed with rear udder attachments, something that appears to be strong throughout all of the does in my herd which isn't a bad trait to have. She still proves to be different from her sister but good in different ways. Piper is a sweet, quiet, and inquisitive girl. We love what she offers us in kidding, producing better than herself, and through her sweet personality!
** Piper is confirmed bred for April 2022 kids! **

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Piper's first time ever off property was for LA this year! She was a little nervous but did good. She was complimented on the height and arch in her udder. While she may not be the highest scoring doe I have, she does perform well in the pail, currently giving me around 2.3 pounds per day peak lactation. She is a good mother and silent kidder, she is definitely worth keeping around!

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Piper's 3F Udder, July 2021

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Left: Piper's 2021 Doe, Trixie

Right: Piper at the end of her 2F October 2019

One Day Milk Test: 07/25/2021

Pounds of Milk: 1.6 lbs

Butterfat: 5.2%

Protein: 3.9%

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