Sales & Policies of Live Animals


Just as any other animal, owning chickens is a serious and large responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Here at Little Moon Acres, we strive for healthy and friendly animals based on the consumer's need. Our animals are offered as pets, 4H/FFA projects, egg production, and meat production. It is important to note that we perform health checks on live animals, treating medical ailments as the need arises. If you are NOT from Connecticut and you would like to purchase chicks, please check with your state for health and testing regulations. It is also important to check with your town's zoning and agricultural commission for information on keeping livestock on your property. We recommend that you produce your own documents as we will provide you with one on your animal(s) before they go home with you for all legal purposes. If you are purchasing out of state, it is required that you will check regulations, and if need be get a health certificate. All health certificates will be at the buyer's expense.
If you are purchasing live animals, a predetermined non-refundable deposit is required once the chicks arrive. At the time of pickup, the remaining money is due. ALL animals MUST be paid for IN FULL before leaving the farm. Little Moon Acres holds the right to retain any animals that come from any orders or hatchings. Price of chicks and chickens vary based upon breed and other factors. If you are a 4-H or FFA member, please present proof of membership and you will be given a discount. Little Moon Acres has the final say in who purchases an animal, and we have the right to decline a sale. Please note that leaving the farm can be stressful for the chick(s). We will send you home with general care information based on what we have found works for us in the past 7 years in the field of raising poultry. We encourage you to call us at any time with any questions what so ever with your new birds. When we first started, we didn't have many resources to turn to. Buyer to seller relationship has become a very crucial relationship to us.
 ALL animals MUST be paid for IN FULL before leaving Little Moon Acres. Again, we want to make sure they are going to the safest home possible and continue to receive the best care that we have given them thus far in their life.
If you have any further questions regarding sales and the care of chickens, do not hesitate to contact us at any given time. We thank you for your time and interest in Little Moon Acres.