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Sunnydale Farm SS Rising Star

D.O.B: 02/12/2023

Sire: *B HLFM GR Seattle Sunrise

S: *B HLFM PH Gold Rush (LA 2-04 VEE 90)

D: HLFM RR Ginger Snap 4*M (LA 4-03 EEEE 90)


Dam: Sunnydale Farm JH Kazuki (LA EVVV 88)


S: Kyeema Ridge John Henry

D: SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope AR 3*M LA EEEE 91

Thanks to my good friend Lorene for another lovely addition to my herd! All of my 2023 junior does left for greener pastures, so I decided to start over and this was a good addition to replace them! Star is out of my buck, Seattle, and is a granddaughter of John Henry, who was the sire for my beloved Noir who left this earth in 2023. Star's topline is lovely and she has an elegant, light, dairy appearance to her, especially in the neck. I can't wait to see her "shoot for the stars" and reach her full potential as she matures.

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