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Stir The Wonder Farm S Raleigh

D.O.B: 04-15-2023


Sire: *B HLFM GR Seattle Sunrise

S: *B HLFM PH Gold Rush (LA VEE 90)

D: HLFM RR Ginger Snap 4*M (LA EEEE 90)

Dam: Little Moon Acres M Trixie

S: Sunnydale Farm T Malarkey  

D: Little Moon Acres RN Piper (LA +EEV 87)

Eastern States Exposition 2023:

11th/26 under judge Daniel Laney

This is an animal that I look at and think, "what isn't there to love?" That is SUCH a good feeling when it is an animal that comes from your genetics! This doe is long which carries through the rump, angular, is extremely level, and has a powerful front end. I can't stop looking at her, she is so eye catching, and no, I am NOT talking about her moon spots! Can't wait to see how she does at The Big E this fall!

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