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Welcome to Little Moon Acres!

Thank you for visiting our website and for your continued business that supports my big dreams on my small farm.

We're nestled on 3 acres in Northeast Connecticut, otherwise known as the Quiet Corner of Connecticut. We are in a centralized location close to major cities such as Boston, New York City, Hartford and Providence, which makes for wonderful networking opportunities.


I started farming back in Connecticut in November of 2020 but have been actively working with my own very small herd of Clean, AGS/ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats since 2007 when I started 4H. Our lines trace back to old-style Nigerians that have brought excellent traits from the milking pail into new genetics.


After being successful in 4H with both my goats and as a leader, chairing the Dairy Goat Show for my last four years in 4H, I joined FFA in high school. Under the guidance of my advisors, I started a small business using the milk from my goats and started making lip balms and other products. My efforts led me to win in my proficiency category of Agricultural Processing in Connecticut and then I went on to be a National Finalist for Agricultural Processing at the 2016 National FFA Convention & Expo, which I am eternally grateful for. I was also awarded the Star in Agricultural Business for my home chapter of Killingly. In my time as an FFA member, I also competed in Prepared Public Speaking, placing second at the district level and in Livestock Evaluation, placing 5th in the state as an individual consistently for 3 years. I obtained my Greenhand, Chapter, and State Degrees. My prior time in these organizations set me up for my future with my goats.


I am an active ADGA and AGS member and participate in all of the programs both organizations have to offer. I started membership with AGS in 2007 and ADGA in 2015. The feedback they offer is imperative to how I continue to run my program. I currently serve on several committees within ADGA that I have been on for the last several years. They include Breed Standards, Publicity/Promotion, Scholarship, and Youth/Youth Events, which I am most passionate about.

After a change in living situation and life's wonderful circumstances, I have shifted to focusing solely on my herd and expanding the quality and quantity of what I offer in my goats, versus having chickens for production and a roadside stand in addition to the goats. It was a hard choice, but the best move as I navigate the operations mostly solo with the help of my family and mentors. This has also allowed for new opportunities, such as judging local shows in Connecticut & Rhode Island as well as increasing my presence as a certified milk tester for other herds. The shift has been rewarding!


As the time goes on and things change, I am hoping to expand our operations more again with the dreams of having a flower farm one day. I also hope to obtain a judging license with ADGA & AGS. We are excited to have you here and hope you will continue to follow us on this wonderful journey!

- Kristie 


A Note of Thanks


Thank you to my parents, Donald and Jessica Alexander for getting me into goats in 2007 and purchasing my first goat for me in 2009. Your birthday gift to me lead me to a lifetime of happiness and a new career. Thank you for still supporting me endeavors with these animals. 


Thank you to my goat mentors. Sue Barry from Mistyhighland Farm, prior to her move to Texas helped me learn all about goats throughout my childhood. She tugged me along to different farms to see what they did, ADGA sanctioned shows at 10 years old with a junior doe and then to DHIA conferences when I was a bit older. You helped me build a solid ground, I am proud to be one of your 4Hers who has made this a lifetime.

Lorene Toth at Sunnydale Farm, thank you for your constant mentorship, guiding me through the advanced side of goat keeping and teaching me everything I need to know about shows, LA, and milk testing. I would be lost without you, I am forever in debt to you for your help with my herd and for our friendship. I appreciate you more than you will ever know!

Thank you as well to my Agricultural Education teacher, Mrs. Bonnie Kegler for your support and guidance as you lead me to compete on the national level with my project. You showed me what it is like to do the impossible. 

Thank you to our veterinarians, Dr. Cara Kneser and Dr. Lindsay Brooks for being available as  much as you are and helping us make the best decisions for our animals. I am seriously convinced there are no better people than the two of you on this planet. 

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