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HLFM PH Oompa Loompa

​D.O.B: 03/13/2019

LA 2021: VVVV 87

Sire: *B Castle Rock Purple Haze (7-02  +VV 84)

S: +B CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln

D: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M (4-02 VEEV 90)

Dam: Sisters Three Fleurette 3*M (3-01 V+EV 88)

S: Sisters Three A. Eddard

D: GCH Sisters Three Selma 2*M (5-02 VEEE 90)

Progeny in Herd:

Little Moon Acres R 3X ACharm

One Day Milk Test 04/2022

Pounds of Milk: 4.6 lbs

Show Wins: 

2021: NHDGA 10/26 x2 

2022: CTDGA Nutmeg Classic 4/7 x2

* Click through above slideshow for supporting photos *

Photo Credit: Emily Kern, Hickory Lane Farm

Very excited to have added this lovely doe with some great, new genetics into our herd! Since we sold one of our younger does in 2021 due to her not fitting in our program, we began our search for the right fit. Oompa brings things into my herd that I would like to improve upon in my current does and two freshenings under her belt. She has a beautiful fore-udder and excellent production history. I am also in love with having Castle Rock now in my genetic pool and more of Algedi Farm lines, they have produced consistent and beautiful kids! 

** Oompa gave me quad bucks in 2023... all polled and beautiful though! Maybe next year! **

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