HLFM PH Oompa Loompa

​D.O.B: 03/13/2019

LA 2021: VVVV 87

Sire: *B Castle Rock Purple Haze (7-02  +VV 84)

S: +B CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln

D: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M (4-02 VEEV 90)

Dam: Sisters Three Fleurette 3*M (3-01 V+EV 88)

S: Sisters Three A. Eddard

D: GCH Sisters Three Selma 2*M (5-02 VEEE 90)


Progeny in Herd:

Photo Credit: Emily Kern, Hickory Lane Farm

Very excited to have added this lovely doe with some great, new genetics into our herd! Oompa comes to us from Hickory Lane Farm in Litchfield County, CT. Since we sold one of our younger does in 2021 due to her not fitting in our program, we began our search for the right fit. Oompa brings things into my herd that I would like to improve upon in my current does and two freshenings under her belt. She has a beautiful fore-udder and excellent production history. I am also in love with having Castle Rock now in my genetic pool and more of Algedi Farm lines, which we will be seeing more of in 2022!

** Oompa Loompa is confirmed bred with 4 kids for March 2022 **

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Very happy with Oompa's LA score in 2021, especially as a two year old. It isn't surprising though with amazing scores coming from her originating herd! She was commended for having a beautiful head and got an E in shoulder assembly. I really love what she will bring into our herd and I look forward to some amazing kids this spring out of Kyeema Ridge Miles Davis. 

We took Oompa out to our first show with us, NHDGA on June 5th 2021. She really knows what she is doing and is helping me restore my confidence ringside after some time off! She placed 10th in both rings amongst 26 or so does, being commended for correct teat placement and consistency throughout the mammary system. There were huge classes and great competition. We are excited to see how she does in 2022!

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Above: Oompa's 2F Udder, 2YO June 2021

Bottom L: Oompa December 2021, Bottom R: Oompa June 2021


One Day Milk Test 07/25/2021

Pounds of Milk: 1.7 lbs

Butterfat: 6.3%

Protein: 4.5%

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