D.O.B. 06-13-13

Blue Eyed

LA 2021: VVEA 80
Sire: Mistyhighland Farm R Redford
S: Doemain Acres BB Revelee S*
D: Frog Rock Farm Annie 
Dam: Mistyhighland Farm R Destiny
S: Doemain Acres BB Revelee S*
D: Doemain Acres BB Cookies & Cream


LA 2021: VVEA 80


We took Moonshine out to LA this year as a last outing before putting her in retirement. She did not bag up all the way, hence the A in Mammary. Had she filled, she would have gotten one of the highest scores in the herd. She was commended for perfect teat placement and received an E in body. She has served as an amazing foundation to my herd and deserves her retirement. I am proud of her and everything she has given me. She will now live out the rest of her golden years here with our wether Rye, happily being a pasture potato! 

Moonshine is the matrich doe of our herd. When we had the opportunity to purchase a doe from her dam, which was Kristie's 4H project, we decided to take it! She has very sharp withers, a long neck, and her back has improved with maturity. For a small girl, her udder has proven sensational in the past similar to her dam's with large capacity throughout. She is an affectionate, sweet girl and excellent mother. Moonie kidded out in 2015 with two does and then again with a single doe in 2021 which unfortunately did not make it. We will be  participating in milk test and anticipating appraisal this year. She is currently milking out around four pounds a day but is slowing down in her old age. After this year, she will be retired here on our farm and living out her days as a happy pasture potato! I am forever in debt for the doe who gave me so much when I knew so little.

First Freshening
April 2015


Little Moon Acres RN Brandy


D.O.B: 04-09-2015

Blue Eyed

LA 2021: VVEV 86
Sire: Rebeka Acres Raise A Native 
S: Phoenix Rising Mine That Bird 
D: 5 Acres Farm Sweet Summer Emily 
Dam: MistyHighland Farm R Moonshine 
S: MistyHighland Farm R Redford 
D: MistyHighland Farm R Destiny 

We retained Brandy from a Moonshine kidding in 2015. Brandy has by far proven to be one of the strongest does in our herd. She stands very correct and shows lots of dairy character, especially depth. Her rump and brisket are something to talk about! Her udder shows larger capacity compared to her dam. Her teats are on the larger side for a Nigerian and are easily milkable. She kidded out with twins in 2018 and kidded out this spring in 2021 with quads, three does and a buck, all were polled except one. This doe knows her job now and does it well, wanting to be milked and is a pleasure on the stand both personality wise and with ease of milking. Two of her kids remain here on the farm as time is a thief and I am loving what comes out of her. We are anticipating LA and our one day test coming up!


Left: First Freshening April 2018
Buck/Doe Twins

Right: Second Freshening
March 2021
Quads: Three Does, One Buck

Brandy attended the NHDGA Show on 06/05/2021. It was a large class and well attended. Brandy was commended for being level and having a nice topline. We hope to have her fill more for our next show later this month!


LA 2021: VVEV 86

I am so glad that we were able to get Brandy scored this year after running into some issues with reading tattoos and microchip fun. It was an absolute shock to me when she scored a VVEV 86. She earned an E in body and was commended for perfect teat placement, two traits which she gets from her dam. Brandy is my first home grown and has blown me away this year as this is my first year taking her out. I couldn't be any happier with how she has performed! 

Little Moon Acres RN Piper 

D.O.B: 04-09-2015
Blue Eyed
LA 2021: +VV+ 85
Sire: Rebeka Acres Raise A Native 
S: Phoenix Rising Mine That Bird 
D: 5 Acres Farm Sweet Summer Emily 
Dam: MistyHighland Farm R Moonshine 
S: MistyHighland Farm R Redford 
D: MistyHighland Farm R Destiny 
I wish I had more photos of this doe to show! Piper is the sister of Brandy and while the two are directly related, they both have their own traits which make them unique. Piper is more of an "Old Style" Nigerian, being a bit smaller in stature. Her udder is soft and easy to milk. She is now on her third freshening and I am the most impressed with rear udder attachments, something that appears to be strong throughout all of the does in my herd which isn't a bad trait to have. She still proves to be different from her sister but good in different ways. We are excited to see how she does this year in the pail!

LA 2021: +VV+ 85

Piper's first time ever off property was for LA this year! She was a little nervous but did good. She was complimented on the height and arch in her udder. While she may not be the highest scoring doe I have, she does perform well in the pail, currently giving me around 2.3 pounds per day. She is a good mother and silent kidder, she is definitely worth keeping around!

Little Moon Acres JH Pinot Noir 

​D.O.B: 04-23-2018
Blue Eyed
Sire: Kyeema Ridge John Henry 
S: Kyeema Ridge Banjo Patterson LA EEE-91
D: Old Mountain Farm Taryn Quinn LA EEVE-90
Dam: Little Moon Acres RN Brandy 
S: Rebeka Acres Raise A Native
D: MistyHighland Farm R Moonshine 
Noir is a prime example of what years of patience, excellent genetics and selective breeding looks like. We retained Noir out of Brandy in 2018 and there is not a single moment that I regret the decision, which lead us to retain another doe from Brandy in 2021 as she is aging. Noir is deep, has a phenomenal brisket and rump and holds excellent placement in her teats. She kidded out this spring and has a lovely udder with improvements from her dam. I am anticipating her aging like fine wine and can't wait to see her second freshening udder next year. We plan on taking her out this year and seeing how she performs! I am excited for the future with her.
unnamed (1).jpg

Noir's First Freshening: 3YO

July 2021


HLFM PH Oompa Loompa

​D.O.B: 03/13/2019
LA 2021: VVVV 87
Sire: *B Castle Rock Purple Haze (7-02  +VV 84)
S: +B CRF Castle Rock Mr. Lincoln
D: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M (4-02 VEEV 90)
Dam: Sisters Three Fleurette 3*M (3-01 V+EV 88)
S: Sisters Three A. Eddard
D: GCH Sisters Three Selma 2*M (5-02 VEEE 90)
Very excited to be adding this lovely doe with some great, new genetics into our herd! Oompa comes to us from Hickory Lane Farm in Litchfield County, CT. Since we sold one of our younger does this year due to her not fitting in our program, we began our search for the right fit. Oompa brings things into my herd that I would like to improve upon in my current does and two freshenings under her belt. She has a beautiful fore-udder and excellent production history. Looking forward to the future with this one and breeding plans for this fall!

Photo Credit: Emily & Jennifer Kern, Hickory Lane Farm 


We took Oompa out to our first show with us, NHDGA on June 5th. She really knows what she is doing and is helping me restore my confidence ringside after some time off! She placed 10th in both rings amongst 26 or so does, being commended for correct teat placement and consistency throughout the mammary system. There were huge classes and great competition. We are excited to see how she does at our next show!

LA 2021: VVVV 87

Very happy with Oompa's LA score this year, especially as a two year old. It isn't surprising though with amazing scores coming from her originating herd! She was commended for having a beautiful head and got an E in shoulder assembly. I really love what she will bring into our herd and I look forward to breeding her this fall for amazing kids this spring. 


Dragonfly AV Nightshade

​D.O.B: 03/21/2018
Sire: TX Twin Creeks PKM Avatar *S *B
S: Piddlin Acres PV Pokemon *S
D: MCH Gay-Mor's JJU NonPareil 3*D EEEE 92
Dam: Dragonfly HLU Belladonna EEVV 89
S: Dragonfly HFX Hallucination 
D: Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger L'ily D* AR VEEE 90
This one was an impulse purchase as every best goat owner does! If you see something you like, don't let the chance go past you... although we are already joking that we should name a doe from her "Sight Unseen!" Nightshade brings in Avatar, which is something I have been dying to add into my herd for the last several years. A huge bonus to this is having Here For The Party and NonPareil so closely related to this stunning animal. She will bring a lot into our herd and help us reach our goal of going to Nationals in 2026. Thank you to Joanne Karohl from Dragonfly Farm for trusting me with this beautiful doe and to my good friend, Lorene Toth for helping me make all my "crazy good" decisions in life.
Photo Credit: Joanne Karohl of Dragonfly Farm, Lorene Toth of Sunnydale Farm

Shady's first freshening udder pictured, bottom right