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Little Moon Acres N PrettySiren

D.O.B: 04-10-2022

Blue Eyed 

Sire: Sunnydale Farm MH Nadir

S: ++*B Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey LA VVE 88

D: SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope AR 3*M LA EEEE 91

Dam: Little Moon Acres JH Pinot Noir LA VEVV 88

S: Kyeema Ridge John Henry 

D: Little Moon Acres RN Brandy LA VVEV 86

Show Wins

CDGA Nutmeg Classic 2023: 2/18 under judge Bob Bartholomew and 2/18 & RGCH Nigerian Dwarf Junior Show under judge Jeremy Lesniak 

Little Sunny Sisters 2023:

4th/40 under judge Travis Cockburn and 8th/40 under judge Cade Cockburn

Eastern States Exposition 2023:

5th/14 under judge Daniel Laney


* Click through slideshow for supporting photos *

2023: Siren has gone above and beyond my expectations in what I would like in a dry yearling. Although she is difficult to catch and is not personable by any means, she is an angel on the milk stand and was exceptionally behaved at her first show. As she matures, she continues to be very angular, tighter in the shoulders, has a lot of width and is very lengthy. Her rump is arguably one of the best I have within my herd. I am excited to keep showing her this season throughout New England and see what she looks like this fall before being bred. 

2022: After seeing the immense amount of promise that Noir's daughter held from last year, I was thrilled when she kidded out with not only one, but TWO does. Siren came out long, deep, and beautiful... my first words were, "I bet you're a buck since you're this gorgeous." Low and behold, I was wrong, and so it wasn't even up for debate that she would be staying with us. Her rump is everything I ever wanted in my animals and her front legs look like a massive improvement from her ancestors. I am excited to see what she will do for us and I am holding her up to the same, high expectations as Shadow!

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