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Mission, Goals, & Vision Statement


It is the ultimate goal of Little Moon Acres to provide quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats to our customers that make excellent pets while performing well in the show ring and milk pail. We strive to breed goats that are structurally correct, show improvement throughout each generation, and that can contribute to the Nigerian breed as a whole in a positive manner. We are ethical breeders who continue to always put the safety, health, nutritional needs, and wellbeing of our animals above everything else. In addition to these values, it is also a goal of ours to strive to develop positive and lasting relationships with our customers and serve as a source of information and as a resource where need be on their goat keeping experiences. We will continue to be proactive members of our goat community and assist where needed to make positive changes and contributions that will impact our organizations and community for years to come and for the generations of goat breeders ahead of us. 

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