Reference Bucks

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Sunnydale Farm T Malarkey

DOB: 03/17/2020
Sire: Dragonfly CP Taranis (LA +VV 83)
S: Dragonfly SOL Capriccio 
D: GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis LA 92
Dam: SGCH Sunnydale Farm J Hope LA EEEE 91
S: Atwood Acres FT Jefferson 
D: Dragonfly HFX Carmen 2*M
A huge thank you again to my good friend and mentor, Lorene for letting us use this awesome buck in 2020 for 2021 kids. Malarkey kids are proving to bring a lot more dairy character and ideal height to my herd, something of which I wanted more of. This is not a surprise with him being a HEL Sulis grandson! We retained two of his kids from this year and we are looking forward to seeing how they mature!


Photo Courtesy of Sunnydale Farm 

Kyeema Ridge John Henry 

DOB: 04/25/2017
DOD: 04/05/2019
Sire- Kyeema Ridge Banjo Patterson LA EEE-91
S: Dawnland Tabby's Checkerspot

D: Dragonfly HX Tanunda 
Dam-Old Mountain Farm Taryn Quinn LA EEVE-90
S: Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 
D: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn 

We used John Henry on our doe, Brandy in a 2017 driveway breeding for 2018 kids. He has since then unfortunately passed away. I am forever in debt to my mentor, Lorene Toth from Sunnydale Farm for this wonderful breeding opportunity when I was just getting back into goats and didn't know much more regarding confirmation at the time. Your guidance brought me to an amazing doe who is now throwing out amazing kids for our herd and others. I am forever thankful for you!
Photo Courtesy of Sunnydale Farm