Retired Does


D.O.B. 06-13-13

Blue Eyed

LA 2021: VVEA 80
Sire: Mistyhighland Farm R Redford
S: Doemain Acres BB Revelee S*
D: Frog Rock Farm Annie 

Dam: Mistyhighland Farm Destiny
S: Doemain Acres BB Revelee S*
D: Doemain Acres BB Cookies & Cream


Moonshine's FF Udder

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My Post (71).jpg

Moonshine is the matrich doe of our herd and the reason for our farm name, Little Moon Acres. When I had the opportunity to purchase a doe from her dam, which was my 4H project, I decided to take it! This project with a single doe sent me on a path I never imagined myself on, going on to be a National Finalist in Agricultural Processing for the National FFA in 2016. Moonshine has very sharp withers, a long neck, and her back and rump improved exceptionally with maturity. For a small girl, her udder has proven sensational in the past similar to her dam's with large capacity throughout. She is an affectionate, sweet girl and excellent mother. Moonie kidded out in 2015 with two does and then again with a single doe in 2021 which unfortunately did not make it. We were unable to get a sample for milk testing due to issues with the lab, but participated in LA in 2021. Moonie was milking out around four pounds a day in the peak of her lactation in 2021. Moonshine is now retired here on our farm and living out her days as a happy pasture potato! I am forever in debt for this doe who gave me so much when I knew so little. She is a very special girl!

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Moonshine's Dam, Mistyhighland Farm Destiny

Pictured above is Moonshine's Dam, Mistyhighland Farm Destiny on her first freshening. Destiny consistently did well at ADGA sanctioned shows, placing toward the top of her classes. At local 4-H shows, Destiny received Best of Breed 3 years in a row and Grand Champion 5 years in a row. Destiny was sold in 2014 to a family in Somers, CT. She is missed daily and we are forever thankful for all that she has given us in our herd.

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Moonshine at LA 2021

We took Moonshine out to LA this year as a last outing before putting her in retirement. She did not bag up all the way, hence the A in Mammary. Had she filled, she would have gotten one of the highest scores in the herd. She was commended for perfect teat placement and received an E in body. She has served as an amazing foundation to my herd and deserves her retirement. I am proud of her and everything she has given me. She will now live out the rest of her golden years here with our wether Rye, happily being a pasture potato!